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ProDAD Mercalli is widely known as the industry standard. So experts and enthusiasts believe that Mercalli is probably the best and stable solution. The only obstacle, especially for those who like to work fast and fast, is the process that is needed in analyzing the images that were needed. But that was just as important so far! With proDAD Mercalli RT no longer needs full video analysis before stabilization.

For the first time, videos are automatically streamed in real time. If you wish, you can creatively control the level of stability, the level of magnification and choose quiet behavior that corresponds to the behavior of each individual zone.

Since high-quality video stabilization is no longer required, you can now use Mercalli stability for all your projects. And best of all: in addition to the proDAD Mercalli RT, we are launching the proDAD Photo Enhanzr in addition to the Mercalli V5 Suite for a real-time Magix image addition solution. Photo Enhanzr analyzes and improves dynamics by comparing the brightness of your photos, all directly in real time. Your photos will be brighter, more detailed and clearer. If you wish, you can also adjust the layout to your liking or have Mercalli automatically set the best values ​​for the personal area. You and your audience will see the difference and enjoy your work even more.

The powerful real-time performance of the proDAD Mercalli RT is another step in video stabilization, now it has also joined Photo Enhanzr as another real-time plug-in that makes your image look rich in color and attractive dynamics. With large CMOS modifications in Magix, capable of even changing or deforming, CMOS FIXR Pro is your tool for plug-ins and for tasks that require stability, Mercalli Pro is the right plugin for you. With these two new Mercalli RT and Photo Enhanzr plug-ins from Mercalli V5 Suite for Magix, supporting Mercalli Pro, CMOS FixrPro and Mercalli Standalone, you are completely ready to upgrade, stabilize and adjust CMOS for almost any type of video. Video.
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NEW: Real-time stabilization for all your videos

– Direct implementation in real time

– No pre-stabilization analysis is required

– New enhancement profile added advanced camera that eliminates any movement, achieves constant visibility (especially suitable for interviews, platform recording and text photography and long telephone lenses)

– Complete content recognition: Blanks created during the stabilization process can be filled in voluntarily by comparing the content of the surrounding frames

– Adjust the simple shutter effect

– Stable profiles for general use such as:

– Sliding camera: The standard camera monitors the movement of the actual camera and eliminates sudden and pleasant movements.

– Sports camera: A standard camera monitors the speed of a real camera and clears sudden and frightening movements.

– Science Cam: We were compared to Steadycam, but without range and edges. (It’s worth evaluating the criteria and settings for improvement.)

– Suspended camera: A standard camera is installed step by step without following the actual camera.

– Steadycam: (floating camera) The real camera follows the movement of the real camera more subtly so as to avoid sudden movements.

– Full control options

– Diagnostics: technical information is displayed

– Screen view package to cover settings

– Display on the display for estimation of processing time in relation to real-time productivity

– Symbol for real-time evaluation against potential. degree of stability

-Supports up to 256 cores for fast processing or a computer with high resolution or real-time standards

NEW: Improve real-time video for all purposes

– Real performance

– No preliminary analysis is required

-Supports up to 256 coresfor fast processing or high-resolution computers or real-time standards

– Automatic search for contrast and brightness based on the content of the image. Balancing different levels of contrast and brightness in the video series. If desired, the image can be divided into different areas. This allows you to treat (for example) a different atmosphere and soil.

– Brightness, dynamics and color saturation can be changed manually.

– Safe colors force values ​​to remain within YUV. This optional setting can be useful when working in a studio / broadcast environment, as values ​​outside these frequencies cannot be displayed correctly.

– Works internally instead of RGB natural color; ЮВ-444; 8 bits / 10 bits

ProDAD Mercalli Stabilizr PRO from Magix and proDAD Mercalli CMOS-Fixr PRO from Magix

Both plugins are validated, optimized and accelerated for full video analysis as a basis for consistent image stabilization. This massive processing, needed only for complex cases, provides consistent images even in the most complex conditions.

Compared to real-time plug-ins, these are the differences in handling and use:

– Performance: Supports advanced hardware architecture (up to 256 cores) to allow fast analysis and fast frame rendering

– Full automatic control can be conveniently applied to multiple videos.

– Interactive images interact with easy detection of key areas in the video series to increase the level and quality of stability.

– Increased intensity in static video due to the need to develop closer to new algorithms, especially with interactive video

– Low magnification results in high resolution and saves wide angles

– Fade and shortcut allow quick and easy stabilization of short video sequences without the need to split a clip

– Do170 spherical videos can be stabilized while maintaining spherical vision

– Stereoscopic 3D images can now be stabilized

Complete set of multimedia camera profiles

Very strong against barriers such as:

– Other things

– Strong lighting conditions

– Photo noise

– Flat areas (such as white skies or bodies of water with no visible or distinct structure)

– Adjust the screen to monitor the stabilization process to further improve the settings.

– Works internally instead of natural color: RGB; ЮВ-444; 8 bits / 10 bits

Supports 4K and style

– Improved shutter to adjust the shutter

– Graphics processor support to speed up processing (suitable image card required)

proDAD Mercalli CMOS-Fixr PRO from Magix

-Performance: supports state-of-the-art equipment (up to 256 cores) to allow fast analysis

– Complete deep correction of the prison

– Even the main effects of CMOS such as targeting, shaking or gelatin are reversible

– Works internally instead of natural color: RGB; YUV-444; Bits 8.

ProDAD Mercalli V5

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