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ZBrush 2020 gives artists more sculpting flexibility with powerful additions to the award-winning brush system. We have expanded the library with sculptural brushes with the new brushes XTractor, HistoryRecall and DecoCurve. In addition, the new No BackForth modifier now allows you to limit brushstrokes to forward gestures only.


In addition to the new brushes, we have expanded the functions in the MorphUV function, which means that you can see the model’s extended ultraviolet layout in ZBrush. With Sculpt Paint in Morph UV, you can sculpt and paint 2D models, with all the updates applied to the 3D model.

Sculptor paint in Morph UV

Now, with the ability to shape and create PolyPaint on a UV distribution model, it has never been easier to draw long, continuous strokes across the web. One such example is a blow from the waist up through the armpit to the character’s wrist. Or maybe you want to apply a pattern to a grid that is too complex in 3D.

Have you ever struggled to get into certain modeling areas? With Sculpt Paint in Morph UV, this is just a memory!

XTractor brushes

These three brushes transform the details of your model into a new alpha or texture for later use. Simply draw the line on the surface of a model to fix the details of your modeling. The fixed parts can then be used elsewhere on the same model or in the future on another model.

Revocation of history

Have you always wanted to regret part of your sculpture without losing everything else that was done on the model? Now you can! This brush uses the gradient to erase your models, but limits the effect to the area where the brush is used. It can also be used in another direction to design the iteration history from one model to another, regardless of differences in topology.

Go into infinite depth

Change the brush to apply the details to everything right in the brush marker – for example, adding volume to the dog’s front and back paws, or moving multiple points on the corners of several separate grids without applying a mask. The Infinite Depth option can be applied to multiple brushes.

You can not just choose one color

You will never think about which color combination to apply to the model. You can now take any PolyPainted pattern or texture and adjust hue, intensity, contrast, gamma or hue in no time with the new Color Texture Adjustment and PolyPaint Adjustment by Color features.

Adjustment of PolyPaint color structure

PolyPaint Color Texture Adjustment With Color Adjustment, you can not only adjust colors in the PolyPaint or Texture Map models, but also limit these settings to a specific color choice. Alternatively, you can use the color picker to mask or reveal parts of the model.

Made, installed, analyze pressure

ZBrush 2020 expands your 3D printing features directly with ZBrush with new features for grid analysis: wall thickness, real-time sediment analysis and surface calculations. Now everyone can easily prepare the model for production!

Pixologic ZBrush 2021

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