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Home Designer Pro is professional home design software for DIY enthusiasts. Take advantage of the same types of tools that professionals use for home design, remodeling, interior decorating, outdoor living, and cost estimates. Home Designer Pro offers smart design and advanced construction tools to produce detailed construction drawings.

Home Architectural Designer is powerful home design software for DIY enthusiasts. Our architectural home designers offer smart building tools to create 3D models, scale plans and layouts for your residential projects.

Home Designer Suite is our home design app for DIY enthusiasts. Created by the Chief Architect, you can enjoy the same kinds of tools that professionals use for interior design, interior design and outdoor living. Home Designer Suite offers intuitive design and smart building tools for your home project.

DIY home design software

Professional Home Designer / Architecture / Suite is our most popular and popular home design app. Find out why millions of doityourselfers use Home Designer as the product of choice to create their ideal home.

Why Choose a Professional Home Designer?

In addition to all the great features of Architectural Home Designer, Professional Home Designer includes several handmade tools and assembly tools for creating detailed construction drawings. Consider these additional features:

Hand framing tools

Home Designer Pro automatically generates fully editable frames including beams, beams, couplings, beams, columns, and more. Choose from a variety of framing types such as wood, steel or engineered materials.

Manual roofing equipment

You can start with an automatic roof and then customize it to meet your needs or start from scratch and draw your own roof plan by hand.

Hand Ceiling Plants

The ceiling is automatic in Home Designer. You can also paint a special ceiling plane for a specific design.

Plan sheet

Create plan style plans to scale with 3D planning, CAD, cross section / height and landscape.

Advanced ladder equipment

Home Designer Pro gives you full control over the shape of your straight or curved staircase, shoe sole, sole width, etc.

Changing wall construction methods

Modify wall construction, floor structure, platform height, factory, framing and more.

Advanced cabinet equipment

Create horizontal and vertical designs for doors, drawers and appliances of any cabinet. Create an entertainment center and makeup cabinet with doors on one side and drawers on the other. Place objects and lights in your cabinets and set styles for doors, drawers, and hardware.

Sectional displayand in section

Create relevant details inside or outside your design for precise layout editing.

Advanced CAD tools

Detail cross-sectional scenes with insulation, cross boxes, block boxes, etc.

Advanced dimensioning tools

Includes angle and perspective tools. Quickly adjust your settings to the dimensions of specific objects and locations.

Save Image Materials List

Keep a snapshot of your inventory at different stages of the project to assess and compare cost differences. Please add information on each individual component, then save it to your master list for use in future projects.

Polyline tool conversion

Create 3D objects (such as tables, slabs, landscape elements, etc.) from 2D CAD shapes.

Custom watermarks

Make a watermark and display your work. Control location, size, angle, and transparency. Add an image to your watermark, such as your company logo for better branding.

North pointer for sun angles

Create a solar angle with the correct longitude, latitude, date and time; use the North indicator as a benchmark for the sunshine angle. Use different sun angles for different stored cameras.

Why Choose an Architectural Home Designer?

In addition to all of the great features available in the Home Designer Suite, consider the following additional features when purchasing a Home Designer Architect.

Elevation cross section

Create detailed sections and heights that include notes and dimensions.

Advanced 3D rendering techniques

In addition to standard, physical-based and glass-based rendering techniques, Architectural Home Designer can create the artistic look of your design with watercolor, engineering, and vector illustration techniques.

Walkthroughs for 3D recording

Record your journey in elegant landscapes with various rendering techniques.

Custom wall types

Create, copy or delete wall types and specify all layers involved in its construction. All wall components you define are included in the material list.

Custom counter table

Create a custom countertop with a unique waterfall size, shape and style.

Custom backsplash

Click the Custom Backsplash tool to automatically create a backsplash that fits cabinets, openings, and appliances.

Designer dec

Manage the orientations and measurements of the patio planting, including gaps, widths, overlaps, orientations and boundary panels.

Custom lighting

Determine your shadow and the intensity of the lighting. Search for lights by room name or location in the Light Settings dialog box.

Automatic parking corner sign

Automatically add or remove trim details in wall corners.

Patterns and fill styles

Patterns and fills are integrated into the library. Use this patch with Filler StylePainter.

DWG Import / Export and Collada files

Architectural Home Planner can import or export AutoCAD DWG and Collada DAE files.

Additional library items

2,300 additional library items are available for Home Planners Architects as opposed to Home Planners.

Ladder and Ramp Equipment

Ladder and ramp equipment supports accessible design features that meet ADA standards.

Design up to five levels

Use Architectural Home Designer to create up to five floors, including basements and attics.

Multilayer wall framing

Create wall types with multiple layers of frames and automatically generate frames for both layers; suitable for soft basement walls.

Table of plants

Generate a list of all the plants used in your design. Use different table description forms as reference labels for various factories in the design.

Why choose a designer bedroom for the home?

Home Designer Suite is our best home design software for DIY enthusiasts. Watch the overview video and see why Home Designer Suite is Amazon’s leading and top application.

Automatic construction machinery

One of the most powerful features of all Home Designer products is precise automated building equipment that matches the home construction industry. A large number of house design apps are published by agents other than housing. Home Designer is produced by creator Chief Architect; the same software used by professionals. Home Designer automated construction equipment includes:

Automatic roofing

The roof is simple, precise, and updated as you make changes to your design. A variety of roof styles are available with simple step-by-step instructions. The roof is framed correctly for all styles.

Automatic ceiling

The ceilings produce automatically for each room. The Home Designer Suite offers several options for creating a cathedral, barn or vaulted ceiling. The height of the ceiling can be easily adjusted in the room.

Automatic foundation

The foundations are automatically generated with the foundations and updated when the layout of the ground floor changes.

Automatic floor

Floors and floor platforms automatically produce and include structural components and floor finishes. The floor can be raised or lowered easily.

Automatic framing

Home Designer Suite automatically produces precise framing as you draw.

Cabinets are smart objects

Cabinets automatically conform to normal kitchen and shower standards when cabinets are resized from 24 “to 36” the door becomes a double door. When you place cabinets in the corners, they automatically become corner cabinets. Cabinets are fully customizable in a 24 door / drawer style and can be changed to 2D and 3D views. There is a wide variety of built-in islands and pre-designed kitchens that can be installed directlyin photos in your library.

Stairs are smart objects

Connect ground to ground automatically. The tool step has a car ladder that produces openings with rails. Add L-shaped, U-shaped and curved treads with just one click. Customizing the stairs allows you to create a variety of styles and options.

French doors are smart objects

When you install a door or window on the wall, the program will open properly including the title. There are a variety of options and shapes that can be easily customized.

Automatic production of railway bridges

Automatically generates terraces and roofs on the terraces. Flexible styling options for planks, rails and panels. Produce a complete list of ingredients.

3D modeling and 3D rendering

3D navigation, rendering and editing are distinct advantages with Home Designer. You may display glare, environmental occlusion, and bloating; all this improves the overall quality of the rendering. 3D navigation is natural and easy. You can edit in 3D and 2D at the same time using split screen view. See examples in the Home Designer Examples Gallery.

360 views can be exported to Chief Cloud Architect (free) and then viewed or shared with virtual reality glasses like Google Cardboard.

Export a 3D viewer model to Chief Cloud Architect (free), then view it on the web or on your mobile device with virtual reality glasses like Google Cardboard.

Required configuration:

64-bit Windows 10/8/7

Multicore processor

4 GB of memory

Kad Video

1 GB of memory

OpenGL or higher

5 GB hard disk space

Home Designer Professional Architectural Suite 2022

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