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App Builder is useful for those who really want to dig deeper into the code, who have a lot of time and desire to create, in short, lovers of creating their own programs in HTML5 – fly in, disassemble, while I’m good – ) The product It stands out from the crowd because it is perfect for beginners as it doesn’t trip over anything at all, but it has a great desire, who has just started learning all the intricacies of HTML5 and wants to test its strength a bit.

Installation, start, you are all impatient and here is the program for you. The window is fixed, there are many kinds of buttons, menus, categories, tools, eyes running around, trying to figure out where to poke the brain… in five minutes you will feel comfortable, don’t worry. You get dozens of awesome images, all kinds of buttons, timers, http clients, and other junk, ready to go.

Not familiar with the javascript language? Well, close everything and lie down, I forgot to write it without his knowledge, nowhere … Is everyone gone? And now read on, my friend, you do not need any knowledge of javascript, everything is so simple that it is enough to use visual helpers, more than a hundred different commands are already ready and waiting for you.

In short, I’m exhausted, the program is super, if you’re new and don’t understand where to poke something, you haven’t learned anything yet, don’t worry, almost everything is done.

App Builder 2021

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