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Substance 3D Stager is a professional scene design and rendering tool. Import content, organize your scene, apply materials and textures, adjust physical and image-based lighting, save cameras with different resolutions, and render photo-realistic images in Stager.


Work on your final image.

Substance 3D Stager allows you to make creative decisions in context. Refine and adjust your composition in real time. Show and edit advanced materials with sophisticated lighting and shadows. (Stager is not yet available on Macs with Apple M1 chips).

Tools to turn your ideas into reality.

Create realistic 3D scenes with fast and powerful smart tools. Block shapes, create elements, activate physics to avoid collisions between models, and create simple lights.

Access to a huge network of resources.

The stager includes models, materials and lights to get you started. Or explore and take advantage of thousands of cutting-edge assets created by our 3D experts and included in your 3D fabric collection plan.

Connect to your 3D toolkit.

Take full advantage of Creative Cloud – import elements from Modeler, Painter, Designer and Sampler. Edit images in Illustrator and Photoshop, and view changes instantly in Stager

Adobe Substance 3D

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